Battery Day: Tesla Team Words

Below are some selected excerpts from the Tesla team leads who where on stage to answer questions. Elon and Drew handle the bulk of the questions, but at the end they passed the microphone down the line (right side of picture to left) and each got a chance to say a few words.

As an environmentalist, some of this literally brought me to tears because I believe it to be a genuine demonstration the depth of the companies goals. This may or may not have any direct relationship to eventual success, but I’m a believer.

“I just want to reiterate that this is a Massive Problem. It seems that Tesla is on its way and ahead, but we need everybody’s help, because it is everybody’s planet.”

#1 (No name given, far right in picture.)

I believe he was referring to Tesla’s goal of “Transitioning the world to sustainable energy as quickly as possible.” Very moving!

“It kinda looks easy when you put together a nice slide deck, but it’s super challenging. When you take materials out of the process, integrate processes together, you have to do a lot of things at once, and that’s like this immense engineering challenge.”

#2 (No name given, 2nd from right)

Seems that they are just loaded with talent and killing it, and of course looking for all the additional talent they can find.

“Shout out to team. What sets us apart is that we (construction) are integrated into the manufacturing process.”

#3 Rodney Wes Moorland, Manager Construction (right of Elon)

“Yeah, it definitely an important part of the vertical integration approach. To design the factory around the equipment, in fact, together with the equipment. So that you can build the factory at lower cost and more quickly.”

Drew (2nd from left, in front)

So nice to see the depth of their vertical integration.

“Hard to put in words how inspiring this is… I’m really stoked about what the team has been able to accomplish over the last year. Hopefully what we have shown you inspires you to join us, or someone else in the effort.”

Scott, Cell Design (at Tesla since 2005, left of Elon)

How incredible it is for one of the top Tesla leaders to put the mission on par with the company.

“The point I’d like to make is that Manufacturing Improvement is like the accelerator. So you think about the execution [of current factory] … is not enough, we need to improve the manufacturing technology. That is the real accelerator.”

#5 Peter, Manufacturing Improvement Team (in back row, 3rd from left)

Again, the complete integration across the full company.

“[We are] leveraging technology that most industry struggling to achieve. Advancing the material manufacturing of cathode and Lithium beyond what has been done in the previous 20 years.”

#6 Tony, Lithium and Cathodes (23 years in this technology, 18+ months at Tesla, in back row, 2nd from left)

An indication of how advanced Tesla’s team is.

“This growth is coming! This growth is real. We are going to make all these batteries. Everyone needs to grow with us. If you have any idea that simplifies anything in the suppy chain, come talk to us, come work with us. And, let’s do this!”

#7 Turner (first on left)

Again, I see this as a reference to the higher mission of the company and how modest and open they are (and also looking for more good people).

“Very exciting future ahead. We are going to work our damnedest to transition the world to sustainable energy as quickly as possible. Your support and help is key to that success.”

Elon (center, front)